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  • Please arrive ten minutes prior to lessons. 

  • Attendance will be taken. 

  • Report cards will be distributed every 2 weeks. A final report card will be given for placement for the following summer. 

  • Lesson are held in the rain. We do NOT hold lesson during thunder and/or lightning. 

  • There will be ocean safety lessons. Instructors will escort swimmers to the beach at 75th street for this lesson. Parents will be notified on the schedule. 

  • There will be no swimming lessons on July 4th.

  • Parents are not permitted on the dock during lessons. 

  • BLYC members and instructors are NOT responsible once a child leaves the club property. 

  • If a child chooses NOT to participate in a swimming lesson or meet, BLYC instructors will NOT force him/her to do so. A parent will be contacted to pick up child and BLYC will NOT provide supervision. He/she must leave the club property immediately. 


Contact BLYC during the day with questions: 609 494 9868. 


  • Towel 

  • Goggles

  • Hair longer than chin length should be pulled back 

All swimmers should be using sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun. 


Please be aware of the policies regarding swim lessons and swim team:

  • Please make every attempt to arrive to each lesson/practice on time. Showing up late can create a delay in the class/practice for those who were on time.

  • It is NOT the instructor’s/coach’s responsibility to convince your child to swim or to care for crying children who do not want to participate. The instructor/coach will make an attempt to get every child to participate but will not spend time “negotiating” with a swimmer.

  • NO parents are permitted to watch lessons/practices from the docks. This included during trials for swim team.

  • Children participating on the swim team in the 8 & under and 10 & under age groups must take swim lessons. If a child’s skills are superior, then the swim coach may decide to administer a swim test to determine if the requirement should be waived. The swim test will only be given on the first day at the beginning of session 1 for children enrolled in both Session 1 and 2, or the first day of session 2 for enrollment in only Session 2. This will be done on an individual basis at the sole discretion of the swim coach and/or Youth Program Chair.


Swim Team Only:

  • Swimmers MUST be able to swim 50 yards, unassisted, to become a member of the swim team.

  • Please notify the coaching staff in advance, if possible, if you will be missing a practice or a meet by calling to club or speaking directly to a coach. We understand that sometimes emergencies pop up and, in that case, please still make every effort to call the club.

  • Female swimmers must either wear a 1-piece bathing suit or a 2-piece racing suit to practice each day. Swimmers wearing 2-piece (non-racing) suits will not be permitted to participate.

  • Parents are asked to sign up as a volunteer for at least one of our meets. ​

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