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At the core of BLYC is its commitment to fostering growth in the sport of sailing. There are many active racing and cruising fleets at BLYC -- from the adrenaline filled competition in the Lightning fleet (a racing class with over 15,000 boats worldwide) -- to the more gentle racing in one of our classic catboat fleets -- to the personal performance of the Sunfish fleet. Needless to say there is something for everyone who is interested in sailing regardless of your experience level. 

In addition to the regular intraclubs, each fleet hosts social events and year-end awards for the sailors.


Lightning/Catboat/Sunfish races begin at 1pm and crashboats should report by 12pm. Sunfish races begin at 11am and crashboats should report by 10:30am.

For more information, contact our Rear Commodore, John Cunningham.


Here is a list of intraclub races and sailing socials scheduled at BLYC. For non-BLYC events, please check host club website to confirm dates and details

June 17 - Race Management Refresher Class, 9:30@BLYC 

June 17 - Lightning Racing, BLYC 

June 18 - Sunfish "How to Sail" Class

June 18 - Sunfish Racing, BLYC

June 21 - CPR Certification Class, 3:30-5:30@BLYC [register]

June 24 - Catboat Racing, BLYC

June 24-25 - Lightning CAD, OCYC

July 1 - Lightning Racing, SCYC

July 2 - Sunfish & Catboat Racing, BLYC

July 8 - Lightning Racing, BLYC

July 9 - Vessel Safety Check, 9:30@BLYC

July 9 - Catboat Racing, BLYC

July 15 - Lightning Racing, BLYC

July 16 - Sunfish Social, BLYC

July 22 - Lightning Racing, BLYC

July 23 - Sunfish Racing, BLYC

July 29 - Lightning Racing, BLYC

July 30 - Sunfish Racing, BLYC

August 5 - Catboat Racing, BLYC

August 6 - Sunfish Racing, BLYC

August 12 - Hot Diggity Dog Raft Up@BLYC Dock

August 13 - Sunfish Racing, BLYC

August 19 - Catboat Racing, BLYC

August 20 - All Boat Social, Woods Island, 1:00

Lighthouse Regatta
(green fleet)


BLYC's Lighthouse Regatta is for beginner optimist sailors. ​This regatta is designed to be fun for educational for first time opti racers. 



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