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The Goals for all levels of the sailing program include: 

  • to teach sailors to be willing to try, and not be afraid of failure 

  • to teach responsibility for self and equipment 

  • to teach respect for the water, and instill a love for sailing 

  • to teach teamwork and good sportsmanship 

  • to teach pride in Barnegat Light Yacht Club 

The Goals for intermediate and advanced sailors include:


  • to challenge sailors and keep them interested in sailing

  • to teach them to race 

  • to instill a passion for success 

  • to teach them the rules of sailing and good sportsmanship 

  • to help them attain a level of achievement as close as possible to the top level of sailing



  • All students MUST pass the swim test – which is held the first day of class. 

  • Please arrive to sailing class on time. 

  • All sailors MUST derig their boat if they choose to leave during a class. Instructors will not be held responsible for equipment left out of place.

  • BLYC members and instructors are NOT responsible once a child leaves the club property.

  • If a child chooses NOT to participate in a sailing lesson or regatta, BLYC instructors will NOT force him/her to do so. A parent will be contacted to pick up the child, and BLYC will NOT provide supervision. He/she must leave the club property immediately.

  • In the event of inclement weather, classes will be run on land for one hour. Please be punctual when picking up your child. ​



  • Life Jacket 

  • Shoes that can get wet (no bare feet or flip flops allowed) 

  • Hat and sunglasses 

  • Wear a bathing suit 

  • Water bottle 

  • Towel 


All junior sailors should be using sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun.

Regatta Responsibilities


Signing up for a Regatta:

*Only parents can sign up their child to sail in a regatta. We need to know by Friday at 4:00 pm who is sailing the next week. As of Friday at 4:00pm, all sign-ups are finalized.

See the instructors about signing up your child for a regatta.

Please note – if you sign your child up to sail, they are making a commitment and, outside of an emergency, they are committed to racing that day.

The day before the regatta:

Parents need to help sailors load boats and pack up at 3:00 pm on Tuesdays.

It is the parents’ responsibility to arrange for transport of their child’s boat and sailing gear to and from regattas.

Parents are responsible for transporting:

  • Boat (hull)

  • Sail and sprit

  • Blades (centerboard and rudder)

  • Dolly


Items needed at the regatta (checklist):

  • Life jacket

  • Water bottle

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat / Sunglasses


The day of the regatta:
  • Arrive at the regatta site at least one hour before the skippers’ meeting

  • Know your child’s sail # and register your child (there is a regatta fee)

  • Assist your child with boat unloading and transport

  • Let your child rig his or her own boat – parents often assist by gathering the dollies once the boats have launched.


BLYC Instructors will assist with any questions, but are not responsible for carrying boats or rigging sails - (that’s what the BLYC racing team sailors are for – to help one another)

Parents are responsible for their child if the child has to come in or in an emergency (the parent has to be there / available).

Parents are responsible for helping their child load the boat back on the trailer and for transporting all sailing gear back to BLYC.

Returning to BLYC:

Parents should unload their child’s boat and all sailing gear.

NOTE: BLYC Instructors are primarily responsible for coaching / safety on the water.  Instructors are happy to lend a hand, but it is the parents and sailors who are responsible for loading, transporting, and rigging/derigging boats.

Instructors will go over lines and rigging once the boats are rigged, but will NOT rig boats.

Also – Instructors will supervise loading and do a final check on the straps on the trailer before the trailer is driven to and from the regatta, but it is the parents and sailors who should doing the majority of the lifting.

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